Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Air Hostess fancy dress for kids as Career Costume in Delhi NCR

Air hostess:
This costume is generally used for fancy dress competitions in schools and Institutions. Perfect for Helper theme for kindergarten and 4-5 years age girls for school functions.

The dress for this little Airhostess includes
1- Skirt
2- Top
3- Cap
Color: blue
Availability: Across India
Price: Rs. 899/-
Rent: Rs 300 for 2 working days
Booking amount / security Deposit: Rs 600 /-
Size: Available for 3 - 9 years age group
Gender: Female

Fancy-dress competition theme: Helper, Community helper, Career Costume
Prop for the Theme:
1-Parents can use small trolley Briefcase or any trolley bag if available.
2- A tray with small some paper glasses, Paper boat drink, any soft drink
Posture: Namaste (Hands Joined)
Make up: Use Dark Lipstick, Matching Nail polish, Stocking and preferably Blue or black Shoes for perfect Airhostess look
How to dress up your kid as Air hostess: This fancy dress is one of the easiest costume to wear for child. Unlike boys, Little Girls love to wear different dresses and experiment with jewelry & accessories. Dress up procedure is same as of skirt top. Make sure that shoes are neatly polished and Nail paint is perfectly matching. A white Handkerchief can be tucked in corner along with Skirt.
Other accessories or Costumes required for perfect look:
 Avoid Jewelry as it doesn’t look professional, Scarf can be used, shoes is a must

Saturday, October 24, 2015

13 reasons why you should hire fancy dresses online for your kid


For Functions in Schools, variety of Fancy Dresses are demanded and sometimes the Parents do not find any clue about the source, price and other important details of the Costume.

Mostly these costumes are one time wear and rarely used for any other occasion. Traditionally fancy costumes in India are available for rent from nearby Aunty house who operate this business from her home as part-time. These Aunties generally keep costumes for kids till 7-8 years of Age and you can get following Costumes categories readily available with almost everywhere

1- Vegetables & Fruit fancy costumes
2- Animals- Almost all
3- Freedom Fighters - Nehru, Gandhi, Bhagat singh, Lala Lajpat Rai & many more
4- Career Costumes - Police, Lawyer, Nurse, Doctor, postman etc
5- Objects- Pencil, Red light , Computer etc
5- Regional Costumes - Gujrati, Rajasthani etc
7- Dance Costumes

The Rental ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 1000 depending upon the quality of costume, Accessories/ Props requirement, Days of Rent and other relevant Factors is an atempt to improve the Csutmoer expereince in this rental process and following are the factors which distniguishes Fancydresswale from Tradional hiring process

1- At, The Customer get 1000+ readymade designs to choose for fancy dress which is not possible traditionally.

2- Keeping the Hygiene factor in consideration It is assured that Costumes are dry-cleaned before sending to any Customer.

3- Customer also get an option to purchase the Brand new Costume which he likes. Traditionally these costumes are available only for Rent

4- Costumes are delivered to Customer's premise and picked up once the purpose is fulfilled. So the Customer need not go to anywhere for hiring fancy dress.

5- Location is not a constrain , Customer can hire fancy dress costumes from anywhere in India. So whether you are in Kasmir or Kanyakumai, you can hire fancy dresses for your kids from anywhere.

6- Largest collection of Fancy dresses in India online

7- Shortest Delivery time across India, We provide same day delivery in Delhi NCR.
Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune and Ahmedabad are generally serviced by 2nd day. For Other locations across India it takes 3-9 days to get the costumes delivered. We have Tie ups with leading courier services of India and till date we boast on 98% on time delivery

9- Easier Return process : After using the Costume, Customer need to pack it and handover to courier boy. The return is scheduled by and Customer need not do anything in scheduling the return pick up
Once the costume is packed, a return shipping lable need to be pasted over the packet and  hand over to courier guy. (Return packet is provided by and shipping lables are sent to Custmer by email )

10- in present over Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, so if the customers are unhappy they can post their dissatisfaction over these social media.

11- Save time and Money : In traditional rental process. The parents go to Fancy dress shop (Cost of Travel), Select Costumes (Limited options are displayed  and Customers end-up selecting what is available) and return back to the shopkeeper (Again travelling cost ).

At, we charge both side shipping while paying the security amount which is always lesser than the cost of traditional rental process.

12- International shipping is also available in case of new costume purchase

13- Dedicated Customer care : So if you need any consultation at 02 00 AM , Ping us at our chat window and we might surprise you by replying instantly

Happy Renting

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

71 Fancy Dress Competition ideas for Indian Kids

Nowadays there is a growing demand of Fancy dress costumes in Indian market due to Fancy dress competitions, Cultural shows, Schools Functions, Drama , Theatre Act in Schools/ Institutions etc. Mainly these costumes are required for schools and Large Institutions and not available easily to parents in the Market. As India is known as Nation of Festivals , For every festival there is a history and Almost All schools organize some cultural activities related to the history behind these festivals.

Although there is no end of fresh fancy dress concept as they are based on current state of affairs. Example: A Costume for PK (Aamir khan ) and Arvind Kejriwal (Current CM of Delhi) is in demand currently but 1 years back these costumes were not existing.

Here We are Listing here  some easy fancy dress ideas for your child for participation in any cultural event, Most of  these Costumes are available on our website ( for Rent & Sales purpose. Some Costumes are so easy to design that parents can easily design by themselves.

1- Gandhi Ji
2- Nehru- Popularly known as Chacha Nehru
3- Bal Gangadhar Tilak
4- Bhagat singh
5- Krishna
6- Bhagwan Ram - King Version
7- Bhagwan Ram- Jungle Version
8- Hanuman
9- Ganesha
10- Ravan
11- Radha
12- Lord Shiva
13- Durga Mata
14- Kali Mata
15- Laxmi Mata
16- Bhagwan Bramha
17- Lord Parshuram
18- Samrat Ashoka
19- Punjabi Regional Costume
20- Bihari Regional Costume
21- Traditional Marathi Dress
22- Traditional Kerla Costume
23- Traditional Rajasthani Costume
24- Tradional Kashmiri Costume
25- Tiger Costume
26- Peacock costume
27- Parrot
28- Fish
29- Dinosaur
30- Crow
31- Owl
32- Bee
33- Deer
34- Rabbit
35- Monkey costume
36- Elephant
37- Daisy Duck
38- Elephant Costume
39- Postman dress
40- Policemen Costume
41- Chef Costume
42- Doctor Costume
43-Lawyer Costume
44- Judge Costume
45- Nurse Costume
46- Fireman Costume
47- Superman
48- Spiderman
49- Heman
50- Batman
51- Pineapple costume
52- Banana
52- Mango
54- Brinjal
54- Watermelon
55- Tomato Costume
56- Potato
57- Onion Costume
58- Witch Costume
59- Bharat Mata
60- Michael Jackson
61- Mother Teresa
62- Santa Clause
63- Joker Costume
64- Angel Costume
65- Bharat Natyam Costume
66- Kathak Costume
67- Bhangda Costume
68- Bengali Costume
69- Lotus Costume
70- Sun Flower Costume
71- Vivekananda Costume

The Costumes in this list are generic and can be found in any city if parent put some extra efforts in searching, If Someone want to purchase it online, One can visit and purchase right away, We provide free shipping across India.

Moreover We Also provide these costumes on rent through Online, So If you require Fancy dress costumes on rent  in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Banglore, Surat or any part of India and do not want to go to market, please experience our rental zone, We provide Free Delivery & Pick up across India and our Maximum Turn around time  is 1 day in Metros and 5 days maximum to the remotest part of the country.  Please visit our "How it works" and "FAQ"Section to know more about rentals



Monday, June 22, 2015

School Function dresses on Rent & Sale, Online … All available under one roof

For All school functions / Fancy dress competitions children require specialized costume for the event. Most of the time these costumes are rare to find and Parents find it difficult to search the same in Local Market. Moreover these costumes are not cheap and having almost zero repeat use.

Understanding the growing demand of these costumes we have developed an online portal through this portal Customers can purchase these costumes online without going out from their home. We also have provision to provide these costume on rent through our unique online rental store.
Process to Hire a Costume Online is simple

1-      Select costumes and pay security amount online
2-      Get costumes at your doorstep and return after 48 Hrs
3-      Get back the (security amount – Rent ) online
For new Fancy dress ideas or creative costume ideas we encourage parents & Students to send us the idea and we will create the costume of their choice and post it over our portal. Send your ideas @  or speak to our Customer care +91 8130870039 and we will revert to you within 7 working days with your costume.

So do not worry even if you are in the remotest part of the country we are currently covering more than 27000 + pin codes across India and have delivered to almost every possible corner of India. For everything in detail please visit “how it works” & “FAQ” at

Yours truly

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Costume rental in India, you may not like the idea as being Indian we have grown up wearing  “My Cloths”  only and never share the same even with siblings. We love our cloths so emotionally that certain cloths survive even after our lives. Have we ever realized how many unnecessary Cloths we have in our Almirah or a suitcase under the bed or do we have a separate Almirah(s) or store for this purpose? Even we purchase so many Almirahs and bags to keep these cloths safe without having any logical reason. A 2 BHK house which was purchased in the denomination of Square fit is struggling to breath due to diminishing cubic fit space. Just Imagine a situation, you come back home and your wife/husband inform you that all your unnecessary cloths are donated to an Asylum. I am sure that the magnitude of your shock would be equal if not higher as of losing your working cellphone
Thankfully, the love of Costumes is especially for the costumes which we wear on special occasions like Marriage, Engagement, First birthday, First date, Sister’s marriage etc. But still we carry lot many costumes which we do not want to donate for unknown reasons and after some time for same unknown reasons we exchange the same with Utensils. In case of Kids cloths we are not that emotional but until we become sure of not having more kids we do not donate/exchange their cloths as well.

On special occasions like Fancy dress competition, Dance competition or any school or social functions, Special Costumes are required which are not found easily in the market. Parents either order the suitable costume from a nearby Neighbor or struggle searching in entire market. Definitely In almost all the localities there are shops/ suppliers who provide these special costumes on rent/sell. These Costumes are highly recommended for hire only as it is a onetime use costume and your child is not going to use it in future for sure. Costume rentals are highly successful in this segment in India, more than 20,000 people are earning their livelihood from this business. In the Dotcom Era , mostly companies are focusing on selling the products online and online rental business is still in infant stage in India. The most interesting entrants in online rental space is , they are providing innovating solutions like free delivery & pick up to Customers and their shopping platform is similar to Snapdeal, Amazon, Ebay etc.

For marriages, Costume rental market in India is quite interesting. Bridal market is almost negligible as Brides want to keep their marriage costume forever but there is definitely a shift in Groom costumes, The shewranis and Indo western suits for Boys on rent are in demand and there are many websites offering the rental services along with huge unorganized market.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Online Rental Store

5 reasons Why you shouldn’t purchase fancy dress costume (New mantra... online rentals)

1- Save Space of your already overstuffed Almirah : As our living space in shrinking , Society want to save space by all creative means. Just Observe, Our Televisions are now wall hanging and getting slimmer & Slimmer, Landline phones are not required, Windows are replaced by sliding doors, Dressing Tables are having inbuilt racks and what not.
Purchasing a Dress and keeping it in Almirah with rare repeat use is not sensible, as it occupies unnecessary space which can be used for other purpose.
2- A Fancy dress costume is required generally for a specific occasion and after that occasion it’s almost useless, why spent money by purchasing when you can take it on rent by few clicks.
3- Renting a cloth from local market again involve time, energy and money. Through online rental store you can select , pay and return without going to market at same price with no efforts
4- Selection of cloths is simple with plenty of options on web portals
5- Maintaining of cloths is zero as you require the cloth for one occasion and never use it again